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For us, third year students of B.A in MCU, as assignment of Buddhism and Ecology subject, the Lecture named Dr. Montrat Soeseng let us choose topics dealing with ecology as we like. After considering what I should do, I determined to write this topic named ‘How to Heal Sick World or Self-responsibility’, the way to solve our environmental problems because I loved to show the way to be able to help our environment making me interesting. In spite of being lack of experiences to show beautiful idea and causal reasons concerned with this topic, I was in an active part of trying to carefully and eagerly complete this topic by keeping my responsibility without losing interests of title’s meaning what I refer to. So, I intentionally did my work as possible as I could. Name of topic may be a familiar with us as daily activities that we responsible but misunderstanding usually makes one an unfamiliar with ways of practices in ecosystems. Desire to write this topic comparing with other’s idea or instruction of Buddhist texts motivates me feeling actives voluntarily.



Keeping responsibilities, what problems in our environment we must solve because we cannot live a life without environments. Global warming is big problems in present situation in our environments or this world. Because of it, the world has been increasing temperature day by day. According to researcher, global surface temperature increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) during the last century .1 In reality, the cause of these problems has two ways, using more technology unwisely and destroying natures. By neglecting of us the world in which we live has been sick. However, we must recover them as self-responsibility to make environments peaceful. The way concerned with Buddhism always points to peace how we should live with our environments. That is why we need to help our society and our environment by using Lord Buddha’s way leading peace. If I make clearly and briefly my word we must strive for help to our environment as self-responsibility.


Global problems

There are two parts in increasing global problems one of which is technological problems and other of which is natural problems. If we see these problems from Buddhist point of views, the greedy is the cause of them. We humans who are self-considerer as intellectuals are never active in doing what we need but always try to get what we want. Trying to get what we want, global problems increase day by day. Most of people when they get fear and worry with regard to problems that they face strive for solving these problems concerned with their environment but just as a lion which gets more entangled in a net when it struggles harder to escape.

Today, people around the world are on the way financial crisis that makes them hard to struggles. To solve this problem, world leaders try to get ways especially how to increase economy in their country by using more industries but don’t care of problems for long future. That is why they always try to be more industries by using large energy badly. Based on more industries, greenhouse gasses increase and make problems to solar radiation from sun. According to science, ozone layers contribute appropriately and indirectly solar energy from sun to the world. Causing the emission of long wave, radiation backs to atmosphere. By reflection of greenhouse gasses on atmosphere, ozone layers become problems and not to be able to protect radiation systems to contribute solar from sun to the world.
These effecting of greenhouse gasses becomes global warming, a big problems for not only a country which use energy badly but also globalization because using more technology badly creates big pollutions making disadvantages to world in which we live.

On the other hand, we experience the destroying natures including deforestation. It is also the cause to become problems effecting globalization. As growth of population in the world, it is impossible to fill full for all people’s greed but we must look for how we can live all together peacefully with environments. For using natural resources unwisely, natures have been destroyed around the world. As effecting of destroying natures, climate becomes change by increasing hot temperature making global warming.

Most people assume that global warming is caused by burning oil and gas. But in fact between 25 and 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year – 1.6 billion tonnes – is caused by deforestation.

Food Agriculture Organization of United Nation (FAO)/ Christopher Matthews/7.10.2009

It is clear that we are destroying our environments with ignorance and greed both of which are causes of problems. Heedlessly, we are going on our life without a care of climate change into suffering world. When I read BBC news, China makes biggest problems by more industries blowing greenhouse gasses into atmosphere. Their purpose is national development in economy, but we must understand purpose never ends.

Today, climate change is a big change and because of this, the large of ices which move slowly down a mountain valley are floating on oceans and seas. Water level arises on oceans and seas. Every year, we face natural disasters around the world because of climate change. And when these problems as more as increase, animals which live in these environments have been died day by day. Global problems that are dangerous for all of us have been experienced because of our ignorance and greed that make neglecting our environments by heedlessly living in our self-responsibilities.

How to solve these problems

In my thought, using three kinds of ways to solve our environmental problems has been found as follows:

1. Participation
2. Using technology wisely and striving for reforestation
3. Self-actualization


We know that we have been in sick world so we must participate to heal it as self-responsibilities. We may put our thought in impossibilities to be capable to solve global problems to invasion with our abilities. Just participate what you can do. If you are a famer in rural, you can cultivate trees. We should think that the top of Mount Everest was not reached with one step. We are monks who are respected by more people. We must trying to find ways to help our society and just see Lord Buddha, after he knew truths of natures in deep forest, came back to societies to guide people how to live with peace. As we are monks who know what Lord Buddha’s teaching for peace in our environments, must participate to guide people and do what you can.

Using technology wisely and striving for reforestation

As causes of global warming, I have shown using technology unwisely and deforestation. Especially the leaders of countries, governments, should not neglect to solve these problems as their responsibilities. That is why they in politic should consider laws for using technology wisely and striving for reforestation and also not to waste oil and gasses. Some counties use very old cars and ships or boats, it becomes water and air pollutions. By using old sips and boats which have deteriorated engines making pollution with its smoke, water molecules, smallest units of water elements, begin to change. Governments should not allow using old ships and boats. In another, car increases as population of human, and it makes traffic, air pollution, destroying gasses and oil as big problems. Instead of this, using trains more alleviate wealth of sick world. On the other hand, forestations have been destroyed, and it makes more global problems. I love to say that in royal project, when we had a visit to Pechaburi, we also found a good plan for reforestation as a good example for rural people to be active in participation of maintaining of natures.

Self-actualization or Live a peaceful life with environments
I would like to introduce the way how to live with our environments. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs social program, we find ‘Self-actualization’ that highest step to live in human society. However, I will emphasize this point by different concept of my own theory related with environmental living way in ecosystems. As sub-titles, it is divided into four groups:
1. Creativity
2. Avoiding prejudice
3. Spontaneity
4. Acceptance of facts
1. Creativity here means the ability to use your imagination to produce new ideas to be benefits in our environments. We always must be in active parts of help to environment to be peace. In this step, keeping morality, ability must be cultivated on our mind to be able to help environment by peaceful way.
2. Avoiding prejudice means that we must avoid an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race, sex, religion etc. Discrimination system is not in a side of peace for environment but makes negative manner for us. We must favor positive manner in development of our surroundings with which we live as one called the world. We should not single out as whether different religion, race, sex or not. It is the way which means the world as one for all of beings and natures.
3. Spontaneity means that not to against natures but we must associate with them as good friends. Without natures, nothing we can do. Lord Buddha prohibited to monks not to destroy natures in Vinaya rules. In present days, trying to against natures by ignorance (Avijja), people get natural disasters. To judiciously live with natures is our responsibility to be peaceful for our environments.
4. Acceptance of facts: whatever we find ways that really can make our societies or our environments peaceful, must accept. We must love facts, dignities, self-respects that ever happen to us by realization deep in heart that will be benefits to environments and us. Which way should be in peace for our world we must accept and throw away orthodoxy of your religions and sex, race without attachments if it is not in side of peace for our environments.
In my point of views, Buddhism is the religion of ecology. We Buddhists always think about results of Kamma, moral laws such as five precepts but just afraid of reflection of Kamma to us. In reality, what we do bad things directly affect others as problems; it means we don’t care of our environments but of self. The Buddha according to the Anguttara Nikaya taught brahmavihara, in which compassion is included. If we understand compassion (Karuna) that Lord Buddha taught, we may understand how we should live with our environments peacefully.


We often make mistakes on environments by attachment such as what I do, is right, what I say, is right, what I thought, is right, etc. In fact, we must live with mindfulness to accept truths, self-actualization to look after our environments. All of human, self-considers as intellectual persons, are responsible to take care of this world which has been sick. In healing sick world in which all of us including beings and natures live together depending on each other, we must involve ourselves as self-responsibilities with peaceful ways making firm foundation on mind for benefits of our environments.

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